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Two swindlers try to cheat rich women. Steve Martin and Michael Caine make a fantastic duo, and Glenne Headly plays so well opposite them. Subsequent viewings have given it an honored place on my roster of great comedies. It's a reminder that true comedy can have sophistication without necessarily being sophisticated, and that real humor is timeless. Steve Martin and Michael Caine are in top form as Freddy Benson and Lawrence Jamieson, two con men who agree that this town (on the French Mediterranean coast) ain't big enough for the both of them. I love the way the surprising twists and turns create hilariously funny situations which are the reflections of two characters' personalities. All Rights Reserved |, Tues 9-6 Wed 9-6 Thursday 9-7 Friday 9-6 Saturday 9-5. This is no classic, but I really enjoyed this movie. Steve Martin at his best and Michael Caine playing the straight man. Amazon.co.uk: dirty rotten scoundrels prime. The look on Steve Martin's face as he fights the tears to preserve his character is priceless! There are two outstanding actors in an outstanding plot. Two great actors, two different personalities fight for the women's money-and for your sympathy. I was certainly not disappointed, having remembered it quite fondly. I've seen it recently, and was not expecting much, but was pleasantly surprised! This film made an impression on me before I even saw it. Yet Brando, Niven, and Jones did excellent work in it. Rent it for a lot of laughs. Treat yourself to a traditional hot towel shave, using the best products and routine to leave your skin feeling smooth and refreshed. Metacritic Reviews. You are a moron."

I'm still laughing as I write this review. Jim Somerville, Pastor of Richmond’s First Baptist Church and Co-Founder of A Sermon for Every Sunday preaches a sermon from Matthew 21:33-46 called, “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.” He begins: “Before we sink our teeth into the... Generic selectors. Glenne Headly plays the woman they compete for a challenge. Made in 1988, this film not only holds up well, but seems so refreshing after a decade of `American Pies' and other such fare featuring one witless, forgettable `talent' after another. To solve the problem, they agree upon a solution - the first man to swindle $50,000 from a naive young woman gets to stay. Then Caine shoved cotton candy into a kids face while Martin pushed a woman off a ledge. All the cast are excellent, especially Caine who really shows here how good he is at comedy. Read the comments, this is one of the funniest and most intelligent comedies ever, remake or not. who laughs last, laughs best. Step back in time with Rotten Scoundrels, an old school barbershop providing haircuts, beard trims and traditional hot towel shaves within central Middlesbrough. With over 8 years experience within the industry, Rotten Scoundrels is combining traditional barbering with the convenience of an appointment-based barbershop. However, the little French town is too small for both, so they decide to set up a bet in which the loser has to clear the area. One day I saw it. Caine,Martin and Headly are hilarious and they both bring on their 'A' game. Don’t be shy. We saw this movie the day it came out. © 1996-2020, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels is a master class in con artist movies. The first surprise is that IMDb will come to 14 years old this October and it was produced in 1988. Classic comedy, timeless situation, wonderful performers. Each haircut includes a wash and style so you leave the shop looking and feeling your best every time.
Michael Caine and Steve Martin are good together as cons trying to compete with each other. This is, if not the best movie ever, one of them! Well worth seeing more than once. He (or she?) I really don't watch this movie often enough.

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